With Robert Murray, Supply Chain Optimization Consultant, CHPC

Relationship Based Supply Chain Management

With over thirty years of operations, sales, and supply chain experience, I help empower organizations to use their supply chain as a strategic tool to grow their business.  I help organizations find and build upon their strengths, and add resilience to their systems.  When analyzing your supply chain, I can provide valuable insight for new opportunities to reduce costs, improve lead times, produce greater revenue growth, improve customer relationships, and lower liability and risk.

As a Supply Chain Optimization Consultant, I specialize in helping manufacturers and distribution companies improve: 

  • Supplier relationship management
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Direct and indirect costs
  • Change management
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Team building
  • Logistics management
  • Strategic Sourcing

Let’s discuss your supply chain challenges and together we can develop a sustainable growth strategy to increase growth, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Helping companies manage their distribution and manufacturing supply chains

Here are some examples of results I’ve gotten for companies:

  • Grew a company from a start-up operation to over $200 Million using advanced project management and supply chain techniques.
  • Transformed the supply chain of a fast-growing private equity owned company to increase revenue from $55 Million to $100 Million in 2 years, and to prepare for growth to over $200 Million.
  • Directed large scale projects such as the establishment of sourcing, purchasing, quality management offices in China and India.
  • Reduced supplier lead times from an average of 160 days to 120 days through process improvements and better communications (forecast sharing).
  • Negotiated small pack shipping contracts for a savings of 16% over previous rates, saving over $550K.
  • Implemented an industrial vending system in under 12 weeks generating a 43% savings.
  • Led a multi-divisional vendor consolidation and leveraging project with an industrial distributor providing savings over $300K.
  • Set up a vendor managed inventory warehouse generating $13 Million in revenue managing the project plan from design to site selection to set-up and operation.



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