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Do you ever feel like you’re:

➞ Not living your mission,

➞ Bogged down by other peoples’ agendas,

➞ Overwhelmed,

➞ Or that you’re struggling to make the impact you want?

High Performance Coaching helps you gain more clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in you life and business.  I’ll share the psychology, physiology, productivity and persuasion secrets of the world’s most accomplished people you can apply immediately to increase your success.  

In consulting, I help companies change their operating systems to create a shared vision and build a culture that brings full engagement from the employees, delights customers and supports sustainable, profitable growth.  

First and foremost, I cannot thank you enough for your coaching, guidance, and mentorship over the last nine months. Honestly, you have been one of the missing pieces for me with my business.

For years I struggled to bring a team together in order to grow my business to the potential I knew it could be and you have been the missing piece.

Through your coaching you have listened with intention and focus. Asking questions that have challenged me and the status quo thinking I used to have as a business owner. You have expanded my knowledge and made me a better leader, a better business owner, and quite frankly… a better person.

Over these last nine months my company has redefined our core values, our vision and mission statement, hired multiple employees, and started our charity. You have helped us overcome the hurdles we struggled with for years and have now helped us realize our true dreams for our future.

I personally cannot thank you enough Robert.

Adam Eidson

RARE CrossFit

From the first time I met you, you have been one of the most giving, selfless, value-providers I have ever met. Thanks to you and our relationship, I have gained so much insight about myself and you helped guide my growth and made tremendous strides in my new profession.

The way you listen and draw out realizations and connections from within has been so impactful to my life. It is so different when a person is guided to make the connections themselves, because it resonates with them so much more, and they take ownership of it.

During the times when I was at a low place and had a weak mindset, you helped open my eyes to the realities of my growth and to take pride in who I am. We tend to be our own worst and harshest critics, but you have helped me own my strengths and give myself forgiveness of my shortcomings, because it is all about the progress in the process, the outcomes will come, it is inevitable.

You are a big reason why I now have certainty in my success as a Real Estate Professional. You helped push me and take ownership which allowed me to join one of the top brokerages in my market, surrounded by greatness.

I know there is plenty of room for growth and that’s so exciting. I can’t imagine where my life will be in the near future, but I do know that I will be in a better place, thanks to the tools and guidance you provided.

Thank you so much for everything Robert!

Peter S Lee

Associate, Strand Hill Properties

So what’s stopping you from proceeding? Yeah, I mean you! Let me share one word that comes to mind when I think of Robert. Trust and Listen. Yes, I know these are two words but hear me out 🙂  With Robert, you will find a coach that will listen intently and then push you in the direction you most wish to resist. He will challenge you to confront your belief system and layer his life experience to show “That which is most personal, is indeed most universal”. And did I mention trust? Robert will have your back as a coach and a friend, but make no mistake; you have to be willing to do the work. Robert will remind you of this fact when you need to hear it the most.

As an executive, Robert helped me step into a bigger leadership role and I’m now running meetings within my company to re-engage the employees and create a better work environment.  I’ve gotten clearer focus and have been taking more action than ever.  I’m substantially more productive.  He also understands the way things work in a corporate setting, so his coaching is very well suited for executives since he’s built businesses, and worked in executive roles for years before he began coaching.  It’s rare to get such a great mix of deep business knowledge along with great coaching skills.

Michael Sealy

Getting to know Rob has been such a pleasure he has impacted my life in super positive ways. If there’s one thing I know … anyone would be so lucky to have Rob on their team!

Rob’s connection skills are unparalleled, and he listens deeply to my needs.  He’s helped me brainstorm models as I’ve grown my business.  He’s also connected me to resources that were exactly what I needed.  He even helped me locate an assistant that has changed my business.

Rob also has very deep business experience, so if you are growing your company quickly, he will have great ideas on ways to do that.

He’s also an expert in negotiation.  He focuses on creating a better future for all parties involved, which brings out the best in people and helps them be far more creative and solutions focused.

Nicole Keating

The Art of Epic Wellness



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